European Aluminum Award for Innovation with CompCote(R) finish

Our licensee Coatinc Anox B.V. together with ITHO, Daalderop, The Netherlands, developed a shower water heat recovery system, which recovers about 50% of the energy. A special type of our CompCote(R) finish makes the system corrosion resistant and safe by preventing the migration of Aluminum ions in the water and is the only anodized finish which has been certified in such an application by KIWA - ATA. For this innovative development the partners got the 2010 European Aluminum Award in the Category Consumer Products - Innovation. Congratulations!

Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC)

Eighteenth Annual International Anodizing Conference & Exposition
October 6 – 8, 2009 • Sheraton Fort Worth • Fort Worth, Texas

AAC Awards

During the Eighteen Annual International Anodizing Conference and Exposition, two new awards were presented to two outstanding volunteers. This was the first time either of these awards have been bestowed on an AAC volunteer.

Jude M. Runge, PhD was presented with the Council's Outstanding Achievement Award.

Dr. Runge was recognized for "consistently [delivering] on the promise of excellence," stated AAC Chairman Terry Snell, Manager—Environmental for Bonnell Aluminum in Newnan, Georgia. "She consistently brings fresh, innovative work that reflects insight and thoroughness, thus raising the bar and elevating the standard by which our conference content is judged…such exemplary contributions deserve special recognition," Snell explained.