Engineering Properties

Dye Ability and Color Fastness

The CompCote® Finish is excellent dye able.

The CompCote® A finish is translucent as-finished and, contrary to conventional hard anodic finishes, can be dyed in all available colors with superb appearance. CompCote® A dyed black exhibited in accelerated UV exposure tests less degradation with time compared to a conventional anodized finish dyed in the same way. As always, the basic color fastness is influenced by the chemical composition of the organic dye itself, by the condition of the dye solution and the dyeing parameters.

The CompCote® finish can also be colored with inorganic dyestuff and through electrolytic colouring, which offers perfect color fastness and color stability at high temperatures.

Color Fastness Test: Accelerated Weathering Test, panels dyed organic black.
Testing performed by South Florida Testing Service