Engineering Properties

The CompCote® Finish is more fracture tough

The CompCote® finish exhibits higher fracture toughness because of its higher cohesive strength. Images of fractured specimens show a glassy fracture appearance of a hard anodic oxide finish as compared to a more fibrous fracture appearance of a CompCote® H finish.

SEM Image: Fracture of Hard Anodized Type III finish

SEM Image: Fracture of CompCote® H finish

The CompCote® B Finish maintains the substrate fatigue bending strength

The CompCote® B Finish shows no significant impact on the fatigue bending strength of aircraft grade aluminum alloys. Therefore, it can be used as a replacement for Type I anodic finishes. Compared to a Type I finish, CompCote® B offers in addition: a chrome-free formulation and finish and superior corrosion and wear resistance. For more details, including results for alloy 2024, see proprietary paper:

"Continued Development in Chrome-free Anodic Oxide Finishes"

Fatigue Strength: Alloy 7075 T6, Finish thickness for Type I and CompCote® B 1.5µm.