Engineering Properties

Smoothness, Tribology

The CompCote® Finish is smoother

The CompCote® finish displays a more uniform surface topography enhancing component performance in tribological applications.

Conventionally anodized (Type II), thickness = 10 microns, alloy 6061 T6. Roughness (Ra) = 1007 nm

CompCote® A, thickness = 10 microns, alloy 6061 T6.
Roughness (Ra): 733 nm

The CompCote® Finish performs well under friction

The CompCote® finish outperforms conventional and hard anodic finishes in most tribological systems. Pin-on-Disk tests showed for CompCote® A a lower coefficient of friction and for all CompCote® finishes less abrasion. These results correlate very well with the Taber Abrasion Test results (see section on Corrosion, Wear).

Friction Test: Pin-Disk

For more details see proptietary paper

The CompCote® Finish is anti-galling

In practice and in tests, the CompCote® finish prevents the finished aluminum surface from galling. Torque tests exhibit no increase of the force required to open a nut-bolt couple over 10 cycles of calibrated tightening and opening excursions. For details see proprietary paper:

"Continued Development in Chrome-free Anodic Oxide Finishes for Aluminum"
Torque Testing: Bolt Al 7278, CompCote® A finish
Nut alloy SS 36Cr4Mo
Nut lubricant MoS2