Engineering Properties

Types, Thickness, Finish Growth
The CompCote® Process is tailored for your application

The CompCote® process can be easily adjusted to give optimum results for any application. The most widely used types are:

 CompCote A Offers excellent corrosion wear resistance, tribological properties and dye ability.
 CompCote B Offers excellent bonding and fatigue bending strength.
 CompCote H Offers highest corrosion and wear resistance.

Finish thickness can also be easily optimized for each application. Practical experience shows the following recommended thickness ranges.

Recommended CompCote® finish Thicknesses:

CompCote® A CompCote® B CompCote® H
10 - 20 μm 3 - 5 μm 20 - 60 μm


Thickness Tolerances**, approx.:

CompCote® A CompCote® B CompCote® H
3 – 5 µm +/- 1 – 2 µm +/- 5 – 10 µm +/-

** Thickness tolerances depend on alloy, condition of base material and absolute finish thickness requirements. High alloyed materials ( e.g. Cu, Si ), die castings and partly heat treatment show a tendency to higher tolerances. Please contact us or our licensees in particular cases. Because of the complex influence from the unfinished part on the tolerances, pretrials are recommended.

The CompCote® Finish is an integral part
of the substrate surface

The CompCote® process reconstructs the base aluminum surface through the formation of the polymer – aluminum oxide. The dimension changes of the raw part are small but must be considered with high precision components. The CompCote® B finish builds about 4 x faster than a Type I (Chromic acid) anodic finish. The building rate for CompCote® A and CompCote® H finishes are about the same as Type II (anodic) and Type III (hardanodic) finishes, with substrates exhibiting similar dimension changes.

Finish CompCote® A CompCote® H
Growth 40% 50%
Penetration 60% 50%
Exact results are alloy dependent