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European Aluminum Award for Innovation with CompCote(R) finish

Our licensee Coatinc Anox B.V. together with ITHO, Daalderop, The Netherlands, developed a shower water heat recovery system, which recovers about 50% of the energy. A special type of our CompCote(R) finish makes the system corrosion resistant and safe by preventing the migration of Aluminum ions in the water and is the only anodized finish which has been certified in such an application by KIWA - ATA. For this innovative development the partners got the 2010 European Aluminum Award in the Category Consumer Products - Innovation. Congratulations!

CompCote® Finish passed Mercury’s 2 year Gulf Test

Mercury Marine, the world leader in outboard motors, subjects any new coating to the hardest corrosion tests in their test facility at the Gulf of Mexico in Florida.
Tidal warm saltwater and sunlight accumulate to an extreme challenge for coatings, which are meant to protect the aluminum parts of their engines from the aggressive marine environment.
Engine components were finished with CompCote® A, then coated with an electrodeposition primer and polyurethane finish lacquered. The CompCote® Finish proved to be a perfect match with the subsequent coatings. Therefore, the coating system was still intact after 2 years of testing. Because the CompCote® Finish offers chemical bonding, which is the strongest form of bonding, no chipping or delaminating of the top coating appeared. The CompCote® A finish, unlike anodized or hard anodized finishes, was capable of carrying an electrostatic charge and improved by that the throwing power of the subsequent EDP coating process, which led to a more uniform finish, also on the inside of the complex engine parts. The CompCote® Finish contains no heavy metals, is therefore environmentally friendly and offers high wear and scratch resistance, which both makes it superior compared to chromate conversion coatings.

Outboard motor gear cases with several different types of coating systems tested in the tidal range at the Gulf of Mexico, Florida (Photograph provided by Mercury Marine).
The CompCote® Finish based samples have been successfully tested over a period of 24 month.

CompCote® Finish wins contest on Fuel Pumps

In a new high end fuel pump generation the CompCote® H version of  the CompCote® Finish family showed better performance than other Hardanodized films and Electroless Nickel coatings. After comprehensive proprietary tests by one of the leading OEM suppliers the CompCote® H Finish was selected as the best solution for wear protection on these powerful pumps which work under extreme conditions.

Oehlins – worldleader in advanced suspension systems trusts in CompCote®

As Lars Macklin, General Manager Product Development and Purchasing of Oehlins Racing AB, Sweden, states:
“Our products have a rather strong position in the market place and there are a few features that are very special to us. Our products are often exposed to very harsh conditions and wear and corrosion resistance is consequently an important factor to us. The same goes for the design and the color of the products, where each product line has its own appearance expectations. The possibility to be able to choose a suitable color is therefore also very important to us. The third and maybe the most important factor of all is the function of the products and in all our products we strive to reduce the friction to a minimum. The CompCote product is as far as I know, unique in that it combines all of the above factors in one surface treatment “.   

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