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We want to support you with the newest information regarding technical and business aspects of the CompCote® finishes as well as the Aluminum surface finishing
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Coming Events

We selected the following events which focus on Aluminum in different aspects. We hope you will find some of them interesting and beneficial for you. In case you plan to attend one or more of these events, please inform us, so we can arrange a meeting, if you are interested in the CompCote® process and finishes.

Please check the original event websites for changes or later available details.

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Don’t miss!

Annual Anodizing Conference and Exposition,
Aluminum Anodizers Council (AAC)
September 16-18,
2014 Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania USA


Dr. Judy Runge will teach in two workshops

Aluminium 2014
10th World Trade Fair & Conference
October 7-9, 2014

Aluminium Two Thousand
9th World Congress on Aluminium
May 12-16, 2015 Florence

Dr. Judy Runge will present a paper