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In 2014 Impreglon Coatings AG in Altdorf, Switzerland became a CompCote(R) Licensee. The Company is specializing in Anodizing, Hardanodizing and other advanced surface finishing processes for high quality products in many industries.

We wish our new licensee much success in supporting the market with our superior CompCote(R) finishes.


Bodycode Ytbehandling AB, Sweden

Beginning 2006 the new CompCote® process line was installed at Bodycote Ytbehandling AB, Frölunda, Sweden. Our friends at Bodycote Sweden bring more than 50 years metal finishing experience to our group of highest quality and reliable licensees. The market focus at Bodycote Ytbehandling is: telecommunications, marine, automotive, and machine building. Please visit their website for additional information.


Walgren and CompCote work together in key projects  

Walgren Compny, Grand Rapids, MI, USA, a leader in turnkey finishing systems and CompCote® International work together in several key projects, one of them with Mercury Marine, the world leader in Marine Power. The challenging goals are highest corrosion resistance and the elimination of Hexavalent Chromium with a new, multilayer coating. CompCote® has shown the potential to provide an excellent base for subsequent polymer E – Coatings. Comprehensive tests are under way.


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