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We from CompCote International are a team specializing in the newest development of cutting edge Anodic and Hard Anodic Oxide Finishes on Aluminum and in supporting the industry with Metallurgical, Materials and Process Consulting.
With fundamental scientific and business background and almost  60 years of  combined experience in the industry, we know what you need.
Together with our licensees and business partners we offer you optimized solutions to make your Aluminum based products function better and look better. We also support you to make your finishing processes more reliable, more environmentally friendly and more productive.

With CompCote® we license our unique, patented Anodizing and Hardanodizing process, which offers outstanding benefits compared to conventional Anodizing and Hardanodizing processes ( Type I, II and III ) and other surface finishing processes on Aluminum.

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Metallurgical, Materials and Process Consulting

Jude M. Runge holds a Ph.D. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She worked five years at Northrop Corporation, Defense Systems Division in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, as a senior engineer in the Reliability Analysis Laboratory. Following her experience at Northrop, she worked for ten years at Bodycote-Taussig Associates in Skokie, Illinois, a metallurgical consultancy and laboratory, helping various industrial clients to identify and solve problems in the field of metals, metal processing, surface treatment, heat treatment and other materials and processes. This period was followed by five years at Saporito Finishing in Cicero, Illinois, as Director of Research and Development. Most recently, Dr. Runge was employed as a research metallurgist at the Argonne National Laboratory working in the field of electrochemical nuclear waste recycling focusing on high-end coating techniques for extreme conditions.

Dr. Judy M. Runge has worked for over 30 years as a technical expert on countless cases  throughout the entire industry.
Her experience therefore spans all kinds of materials, processes and applications. She also worked and works on high profile product liability cases to identify the root cause of failures. Today, Dr. Runge teaches also electrochemical basics to our customers to improve their knowledge level and analyzes their processes to improve quality and reliability.

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