CompCote® Finish protects VectorTek rod holders

VectorTek is a leader in deepwater fishing equipment. You can read here, why VectorTec chose the CompCote® Finish: “This is the Cadillac of the Vector “PDS” series. 3 rod holders, swivel base and 190 fpm retrieve rate. This rigger leaves no room for improvements. The Vector line of downriggers is built tough and has a warranty to back it, lifetime! The choice of charter captains everywhere, you can bet your vector won’t let you down. Whether your enjoying a lazy summers afternoon or in the heat of a top dollar tournament your Vector’s will be hard at work with no questions asked! Make the switch to Vector!

All Vector products are machined from solid aluminum and stainless steel, then polished and plated for added corrosion resistance with durable CompCote®. The plating gives our riggers almost 4 times the corrosion resistance of standard anodize finishes."

CompCote® Finish protects Pneumatic grippers

Festo, a leader in pneumatics uses CompCote® on the housings of his HGPT Parallel Grippers and HGDT 3 Point Grippers. The CompCote® Finish provides enhanced wear and corrosion resistance with a smooth and hard surface.

CompCote® Finish wins contest on Fuel Pumps

In a new high end fuel pump generation the CompCote® H version of  the CompCote® finish family showed better performance than other Hardanodized films and Electroless Nickel coatings. After comprehensive proprietary tests by one of the leading OEM suppliers the CompCote® H finish was selected as the best solution for wear protection on these powerful pumps which work under extreme conditions.

Oehlins – worldleader in advanced suspension systems trusts in CompCote®

As Lars Macklin, General Manager Operations of Oehlins Racing AB, Sweden,
"Our products have a rather strong position in the market place and there are a few features that are very special to us. Our products are often exposed to very harsh conditions and wear and corrosion resistance is consequently an important factor to us. The same goes for the design and the color of the products, where each product line has its own appearance expectations. The possibility to be able to choose a suitable color is therefore also very important to us. The third and maybe the most important factor of all is the function of the products and in all our products we strive to reduce the friction to a minimum. The CompCote product is as far as I know, unique in that it combines all of the above factors in one surface treatment".

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Racing practice is the ultimate test – CompCote® protected Fork Legs function under hardest conditions.

Oehlins stands for quality – CompCote® provides high precision, reliability and customized appearance.

Other Applications

In the following we want to show you some of the many applications, where the CompCote® finish offered the best solution for fulfilling the customer needs.

Because of confidentiality reasons we ask for your understanding that we cannot give more detailed information.

Medical Equipment

Sterilization Device.

The product has to withstand day by day hard use in a clinical environment. Especially important is an easy to clean surface that is resistant to sterilization processes. For design and identification reasons a wide range of colors is needed and the finish shall also protect against scratching.
CompCote® A, colorless and dyed with standard colors in red, green, blue and gold offered the best solution.

Injection Pen

This little device is used for comfortable injections to treat diabetes. It is therefore used several times per day by each patient, which makes wear resistance important and also a good protection against hand perspiration. The surface has to feel smooth and comfortable and the color has to match the company`s distinct turquoise color.
With CompCote® A and a customized color, an optimal solution was found.

Automotive Components

Sensor Housing

The housing is exposed to extreme environmental attacks such as rain, snow, salt, dust, sand, sunlight, wash processes etc. A very high corrosion protection is therefore crucial. The finish has also to match the high standards of this global first tier supplier regarding color and appearance. Last but not least a competitive price by a highly productive process was a must for this high volume product.
The winner, after intensive tests and comparisons, was CompCote® A black.

Automatic Tire Pressure Measurement Sensor Body

This component is exposed to all kinds of extreme wear and corrosion, especially by salt, oils, snow, sand, gravel and high pressure washing processes. In addition, additional challenges were a low roughness and special gliding and torque properties.
After a intense development process, the finish that outperformed all other finishes, was found: CompCote® A Plus

Electronic Module

The module consists of two parts which are bonded by a vulcanizing process .
Because the function is immensely important for the safety of the car, reliability of the bonding is the main challenge in this case. Beside that, the corrosion resistance has to be good too.
CompCote® A, with its special chemical bonding capability brought the success.

Fuel Pumps

In a new high end fuel pump generation the CompCote® H version of  the CompCote® finish family showed better performance than other Hardanodized films and Electroless Nickel coatings. After comprehensive propriatory tests by one of the leading OEM suppliers the CompCote® H Finish was selected as the best solution for wear protection on these powerful pumps which work under extreme conditions.


Sporting Goods

Premium Hunting Rifle

Highly ornamented butt plates on first class hunting rifles have to be protected against wear and corrosion and have to show a distinct color and low reflection. The UV stability of the color is also very important.
CompCote® A with an etch and a special color composition was the answer.

Paint Ball Guns

The shooting distance and the precision focus on the target makes the difference between a high quality and an average gun.
With CompCote® A, both improvements were successfully realized. In addition, the wide range of colors and the colorfastness of the dyed CompCote® finish were important advantages.

Mechanical Engineering

Vacuum Packaging Machine Parts

A leading manufacturer of packaging machines asks for best gliding properties, high scratch and corrosion resistance and compatibility in contact with food .
CompCote® A and CompCote® H fulfilled these needs perfectly.

Fire Engine Components

Couplers and flow controllers have to function under hard conditions, where corrosion and wear are a permanent threat to the equipment. Repeated easy closing and opening of these devices is crucial for their operational readiness.
CompCote® A and CompCote® H showed the tribological and antigalling properties needed. The corrosion and wear protection was, as expected, very good too.

Robot Systems

High quality pick and place components have to be lightweight and at the same time durable. A highly protective finish with low thickness tolerances and good tribological properties is necessary to guarantee the function. With CompCote® A and CompCote® H the best solution was found.

Camera Bayonet Locks

Bayonet locks are repeatedly closed and opened during their lifetime. This operation has to proceed smoothly and without increasing torque forces. CompCote® provided the demanded anti galling properties. The high UV resistance of the black finish was also important for the customer’s decision to choose CompCote® A Black.

There are many more applications today, in which CompCote® proved, that it is superior compared to conventional Anodizing and Hard Anodizing Finishes or can be a better solution than conversion coatings like chromating, electroplated coatings or electroless nickel.

Our list of success stories will therefore grow and we are glad to keep you informed about the future successful use of CompCote®.
We hope, we could give you some ideas of how you can improve the performance of your Aluminum products.

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