Costs - Environment - Health

The CompCote® Process is user friendly

CompCote® is a fully tested and successfully proven reliable industrial process. To implement the CompCote® process, one can use existing standard anodizing and hard anodizing lines without any major changes. The process is controlled with the aid of standard analytical equipment.

The CompCote® Process saves your money

While other surface treatment processes are often multi-step, CompCote® offers the benefits of a one-step process. Because of its superior performance, The CompCote® process can often replace higher energy processes such as Type III anodizing in many applications.
CompCote® finishes offer mostly better corrosion resistance which allows often to reduce the finish thickness, which results directly in energy, chemical and water savings. It also increases the capacity of the finishing line and helps so to avoid investments for capacity increase.

Energy Consumption

Energy Savings Comparison: average power consumption to build anodic finishes (incl. cooling). Results may vary with specific process details.

The CompCote® Process is environmentally safe

The CompCote® process helps to protect the environment because it is free of heavy metals, fluoropolymers and chlorinated polymers. CompCote® finished components can be recycled like unfinished aluminum.

The CompCote® Finish is compatible with food

The CompCote® finish has been reviewed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and was found to be safe when in contact with food.