Applications – Materials

CompCote® Finishes are used all over the place

The CompCote® process can be tailored to your specific needs to make your products function better. Today the CompCote® finishes are successfully tested and used in all kinds of industries, an overview is provided below.

  • Aircraft:
    Landing gear components, Cockpit components
  • Automotive:
    Brake, Engine Pistons, Fuel Pumps, Sensor Housings, Transmission, Airbag, Central Oil Reservoir for Trucks, Decorative Interior Parts, etc.
  • Camera Equipment:
    Lens Bezels, Objectives, Tripods and Stands
  • Communication:
    Cell Phones, Electronic Housings, Microphones
  • Extrusion:
    Diverse profiles
  • Fire Fighting Equipment:
    Fire Hose Nozzles. Valves and Valve Housings, Handles
  • Food Industry:
    Packaging Machines, Ice Makers, Pizza Pans
  • Household Appliances:
    Pots and Pans
  • Mechanical Engineering:
    Gripper systems, Cooling components, Locking devices, Carriers, Vacuum Packaging components, Lids, Frames, Shafts, Heat Exchanger, Piston Rods
  • Medical Equipment:
    Injection pens, Autoclaves and Cold Sterilization Devices, Operating Room Trays, Articulators for Dental Models
  • Motor Bikes:
    Fork legs, Steering Dampers, Foot Rests
  • Sporting Goods:
    Hunting Rifle components, Paint Ball Gun components, Fishing Reels, Arrow heads, Marine components

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The CompCote® Finishes protect most aluminum alloys

CompCote® finishes work with most common industrial aluminum alloys. Although the polymer additive does serve as a buffer, enhancing finish growth, limitations may occur with highly segregated and inhomogeneous alloy microstructures, as with any anodizing process. Highly alloyed materials such as hyper-eutectic castings and lead and copper bearing alloys may exhibit slower finish growth, thinner maximum finish thickness and irregular surface topography.